b'Contra-Season Seed Quality is Good, but FutureJODEE KARLOWSKYGENERAL MANAGER, ALLIANCE SEEDChallenges Loom jkarlowsky@allianceseed.com @AllianceSeedTHE CANADIAN SEED industryto ensure contra-season produc- allianceseed.comhas been invested in contra- tion of GM seed can continue in season production to supplyChile well into the future.hybrid canola, soybean andDepending on what hap- Welcome to me!corn to farmers in the Northernpens, seed companies both in Hemisphere for over 30 years.Canada and abroad may one(And how can I help you?) Chile is the leading exporter inday be looking to other nearby the Southern Hemisphere andcountrieslike Argentina,IM INCREDIBLY EXCITED to take over the reins the worlds fifth-largest seedParaguay and Peruforat Alliance Seed. At heart, Im a farm kid with exporter.contra-season production.a deep, strong connection to the agriculture Quality is paramount, facili- For now, Chile remains anindustry and farmers. I grew up in Manitobas tating and expediting seed ship- important place to produceRed River Valley on the family farm. After com-ments more so as seed needs tocanola, soybean and maize seedpleting a degree in agriculture, Ive spent 30+ be shipped to Canada in timein the off-season. years working in the agriculture industry. Ive for spring sales.Regardless of what happens,been lucky to experience many different parts Chiles climate is changing,the situation illustrates the needof western Canadian agriculture and work with and our holdings in Chile mayfor mobile seed analysts likeso many great farmers. Because I understand the change. Cooler summers meanmeanalysts who can travelpressures and challenges of farming, Im proud to Chile is not immune to theto where seed is tested to betterlead an organization that puts farmers first, thats climate change challenges facedenable seed movement acrosssmall enough to offer authentic customer service, in the rest of the world. borders.and that carries the same work ethic I appreciate Chilean government officialsEnabling timely seed move- in farms across the Prairies. are drafting legislation thatment is essential and somethingAlliance Seed has a small company feel with could potentially prevent GMOthat will make mobile seeda big company reach. CDC Endure oats, CDC seed production, after a recentanalysis more important. ButPrecision durum, AAC Leroy VB: when you see election took the country in atimely results are also impor- how many high-performance varieties we offer, different policy direction. Theretant here at home and deliver- its very obvious just how far above our weight are many within the Chileaning those results fast is a skillclass we punch. Thats possible because the government who appreciatelearned over time.Alliance Seed teamboth our board and our the need for modern technolo- The good news is that anystaffshare a huge commitment to Alliance gies like GM, and were hopefulseed bought from ChileanSeeds goals and our customers. these voices will be recognizedproduction is tested to reach itsIve been part of the Alliance team since 2009 maximum potential. If Motherwhen Alliance Seeds founders plopped into Nature cooperates, we shouldchairs in my office at Alliances parent company, once again see great canola,Paterson Grain, and asked if I wanted to be part soybean and corn crops thanksof building a brand-new seed company. I didnt in no small part to contra-sea- even need time to think about the offer. A small son seed testing we carry out incompany whos whole goal is to meet the needs Chile every year. of farmers like my parents? Count me in! I feel the same today. Im proud of how far Alliance has come and how much it has accom-plished over the past nearly dozen years. That said, just like farm work is never done, neither is IOANA STROE ours. My goal is to stay true to whats made this company succeed to datereliability, customer CHILE LAB OPERATIONSservice, and top performance varietieswhile MANAGER/SENIOR SEED ANALYST pushing us to grow our portfolio and meet pro-Ioana@2020seedlabs.ca ducers needs.@2020Seedlabs How can we better help you? Lets chat! Im 2020seedlabs.ca available anytime at 1-877-270-2890. 22GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'